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What to Eat and What to Avoid When I am Stressed


1 Fruit juice such as apple, kiwi, tomatoes or banana juice.

2 Oats + milk + honey

3 Wholemeal bread with jam or other bread spread.

4 Half-boiled eggs.


1 Raw vegetable juice such as cabbage or celery with yoghurt.

2 Apple cider vinegar with honey drink, and one spoonful of olive oil.

3 Fish soup with rice broth.


1 Chicken soup with the skin of the potatoes blended and boiled with anions and celery.

2 Rice broth and sesame seed.

3 Raw dark green vegetable juices.

All the time - drink at least eight glasses of plain water every day


1Drinking while eating

2 Fried food

3 Food with preservative

4 Coffee or tea

5 Alcoholic drinks

6 White salt and white sugar

What Food Supplements and Herbs should I take when I am Stressed

Food supplements:

1 Vitamin C 1000

2 Vitamin B complex

3 Calcium or magnesium

4 Acidophilus

5 Colostrums


1 Ginseng

2 Celery 3000

3 Kelp

4 Alfalfa

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